About us

WandDWe are originally from New York and we fell in love with St Lucia 15 years ago.  Our dream was to create a beautiful accommodation in a lush tropical setting overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Nature’s Paradise is our dream come true.

Wanda “I was a professional dancer for many years and I traveled the world in that capacity. As the first woman White Belt in the US, I practised Eagle Claw Kung Fu and taught Tai Chi.  We traveled throughout the Caribbean, but we fell in love with St Lucia.  Exploring this Island and sampling its rich culinary culture are two of my passions.”

David  “As a film and television director I was able to explore parts of the world I never expected see. When Wanda & I came to St Lucia we knew we had found our Home.  We have a great beaches, tropical gardens, hot springs, warm waterfalls, and even a volcano.  We have climbed both Pitons and earned our scuba license in St. Lucia. We wish to show you the St Lucia we fell in love with.”

Our guests gather for our Tropical Breakfast at 8 in the Palm Villa. Stories are told and info exchanged as to where to go and which restaurant was really good last night.  Our Breakfast is Powered by strong coffee (or Tea) and good vibes.  Wanda prepares the healthy fruits, breads & juices Caribbean Style.