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My Trip to St. Lucia

By Judy Annis


Upon landing at Hewanorra International Airport on the lush oval island of St. Lucia, I noticed the mountains rising in the distance.  I was met by my friends and hosts Wanda and David, both relaxed and beautifully bronzed by the Caribbean sun.

I was in the West Indies!

I was adventuring into an exotic region ready to explore its rich history, culture and traditions.

We began the winding mountainous drive from the southernmost tip of the island northward, gazing upon lush valleys and small villages toward our destination, Marigot Bay.  It was nature never ending.

I was suddenly frozen in awe by two perfectly shaped cones jutting dramatically out of the sea – surely one of the most dramatic vistas I had ever encountered in my life.

The Pitons – formed from volcanic eruptions millions of years ago.  The scenic beauty, with the ever-changing light was breathtaking!

We passed above Soufriere where we would later explore the Diamond Falls and Mineral Baths where the falling water appear as shades of yellow, green and purple from the traces of sulfur.

As we continued driving we looked down upon the colorful village of Anse-la-Raye and watched the fishing boats bringing in their catch of the day.

I awakened the next morning and was stunned by the breathtaking brilliance of the Caribbean – a view I wanted to reach out and touch – a turquoise like I have never imagined!

The following evening we went to a Friday night “jump up”.  We enjoyed a sunset dinner of chicken roti, with the sounds of upbeat calypso wafting through the warm evening air under the tropical stars. I was “liming” (a Caribbean term for relaxing or hanging out).

One of the relics of French occupation I observed besides the Creole cuisine was the soft spoken island Creole which I would hear everywhere.

Returning by ferry from our meal across the bay, we moved among the night concert of tree frogs and the evenings flowering fragrances.

On our visit to Castries, the capital of St. Lucia, we drove past many banana plantations and stopped to pluck limes from a tree along the roadside – a fruit that would enhance our evening’s traditional “happy hour.”

As my island adventure drew to a conclusion I bid a fond farewell to my friends as they headed to the dive shop to don their gear for an open water dive, having completed their certification on St. Lucia as scuba divers.

I was loaded with memories of sights and sounds of a culture I had never before visited and one to which I knew I would soon return.

Quality Time.

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